What is the Difference Between Public and Private School?

Parents want their kids to receive the best education possible, so it’s not surprising that many often ask, “ what is the difference between public and private schools?” As Health Is Health discusses in the video, private schools are autonomous and gets funding through sources like the students’ tuition, endowments, and private grants, and costs significantly more. Public schools, however, are government funded and at no cost to the students.

How else do they differ? If a student wants to attend a private school, they have to meet student criteria, which isn’t by address.

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With public schools, the student must live within a zone area.

Private schools provide an education above the standard curriculum — dictated by the school. Whereas a public school only offers the standard curriculum mandated by the government. Private schools dictate their schedules. Public schools have graduation requirements and electives as part of their schedule.

What about the teachers? At public schools, some are certified while others aren’t. Public schools have teachers who meet all the state-mandated requirements to become a teacher.

For more information on the differences between public and private schools, check out the video linked above.

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