What to Know About Assisted Living Facilities

Making the tough decision of having a family member or loved one move into an assisted living location is a tough yet much-needed decision that many are facing. For those unable to give the care and attention needed, assisted living facilities could be an excellent option to consider. This helpful video has Sofia Amirpoor discussing everything to know about these facilities to help make the right decision.

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An assisted living facility, as stated in the video, is “halfway between your own home and a nursing home.” Residents live in a home environment while getting the assistance and professional care they need. Rest assured that they’re in good hands as these facilities, which are located in most states, are licensed and regulated to adhere to a standard of care. Some quick facts to know:

Residents — 20 – 200
Building — 1 – 3 stories high, or even high-rise apartment buildings
Appearance — Modest and homey – luxurious

It’s best to look at multiple facilities to find the one that best fits your budget and the needs of your loved one. Additonally, it is important to know what health insurance can help cover. Whether it be traditional insurance or untraditional like a health care sharing ministry like Jericho Share. For more information about assisted living facilities and to understand their benefits further, consult the video we have linked above.


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