What Are the Side Effects of Methadone?

Used to treat opioid addiction and as a pain medication, methadone is a widely used and well-known drug. As with any drug, methadone has some side effects. It is best to be aware of these when your doctor prescribes them. To this end , Doctor Barbara Wisemer M.

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D. briefly informs the viewer of the most common side effects of methadone. She also adds information about how long these side effects can last.

For example, she states that within a few hours of a methadone dose, you may become very sleepy. You may have nausea that isn’t caused by eating or medication other than specific methadone consumption. Nausea does not last. Itching is also a common side effect when taking methadone. This can be annoying, but is another side effect that, for most people, does not last the longer you take methadone.

One side effect that does last unfortunately is constipation. This is also the most common reaction when taking this drug and will not go away in time like the other side effects.

While the video is short, it straight forward answers any questions a patient has about some more common methadone side effects.


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