Risks of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Pretty much everyone sees breasts when they look at a woman, naturally, so breasts have become a focus. Women wonder if theirs are good enough. Do they need a breast augmentation surgeon like Dr. Hagen to make theirs look better? He explains to us the risks of breast augmentation.

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What Risks?

When something not organic is placed inside the human body, there are consequences:

  • Scar tissue. Layered over the implant, scar tissue makes the breast look hard and can be painful.
  • Pain and numbness. Most surgery produces nerve numbness as well as pain, but these will disappear in time. The nipples are especially susceptible to this numbness. Expect swelling to disappear after about three months.
  • Symmetry. Are the implants in the same place in both breasts? In time, they’ll settle into the proper places.
  • Bleeding. This isn’t quite normal and will be handled with further surgery. That includes any infection as well.
  • Rupture or leakage. This, too, isn’t quite normal and will be dealt with in additional surgery.

Looking our best and attraction to the opposite sex is a large part of human nature. A breast augmentation surgeon can help with this. Be aware, however, of the risks before you consult a surgeon.


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