Urgent Care vs. ER Making the Right Choice

Sudden pain or illness is terrifying for everyone involved and often requires immediate medical attention. However, many people are unaware of where they should go for immediate assistance with their issues. Some people may go straight to the emergency room. Others may try an urgent care facility first. The expert in this video attempts to clarify which is the right choice.

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He examines the question from a very experienced point of view as he is a doctor himself. He recommends visits to the emergency rooms for emergencies only. This means chronic, acute pain that is potentially life-threatening. Trauma from accidents or huge medical episodes warrants an immediate trip to the ER.

The urgent care facility is for injuries that are less severe but still bring huge discomfort. Think of issues like broken bones, infections, or new aching pains. These centers are equipped to handle such emergencies and can take care of your needs quickly.

Of course, always use your best judgment when it comes to visiting a medical facility. If you feel you need an emergency room, always seek one out before the issue can compound. A local care facility will always be a good option, but they may direct you to the ER if they cannot help.

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